Monday, November 8, 2010

Playing with 6-9 month olds

6-9 months
Now your baby is much more active and alert. During these three months your baby will take big leaps forward developmentally offering more opportunities for interaction and play.

  • Grab a stuffed animal or picture of an animal...say, a lion- and start to move it around by pouncing and roaring. Now tell your baby to do the same: "It's your turn to be the lion!"
  • Keep playing and really ham it up, using different animals such as a dog, cat and horse. The more expressive you are, the more fun for your baby!
  • Once you've played with several animals, start again. But this time, pause for a few seconds after you show him the animal so he can anticipate your sounds and actions. This will heighten the excitement for your animal act.
*This game can help you build up baby's listening and motor skills

  • Start by gathering some soft items of differing weights, then put an unbreakable container on the floor next to your baby.
  • Now put on a show for baby! One at a time, hold an item up in the air and say in a high pitched voice, "So high!"
  • Then drop the object so it falls into the container and say in a low voice, "So low!"
  • After you do this a couple of times, encourage baby to follow your lead. Show him how to fish out the object and drop it back in again. Don't forget to cheer each success!
*This game helps practice eye-hand coordination.

  • Start by gathering two plastic cups and two safe items that will fit under them. Hide an item under each cup.
  • Then have your baby lift up or knock over one of the cups. Say in a high pitched voice, "Look what you just found!" Pick up the item and describe its name, color, shape, and texture
  • Do the same with the other cup. Then encourage baby to cover up the objects with the cups again. As she starts to get the hang of it, she'll probably want to check over and over again that the items are still there!
*This game helps babies grasp the concept of object exist even when you can't see them. It also helps develop their language skills.

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