Monday, November 1, 2010

Playing with 3-6 month olds

3-6 Months
Your growing baby is becoming more curious, mobile, and vocal. She smiles spontaneously, gurgles, and coos when she hears sounds. She is also starting to be able to hold small things, imitate several sounds, and turns her head in all directions.

  • Start by grabbing an empty container, then stick something inside like your keys or coins (do this without your baby seeing).
  • Next, give the container a good shake and roll it back and forth on the floor so your baby can hear how it sounds. Ask baby, "What is inside? What could it be?
  • Now for the big reveal: Peel the top off and take the object out. "Oh, it was the keys!"
  • Toss another item into the container for more "shake and take" fun.
*By keep your baby guessing while helping her practice her visual and audio tracking

  • Lay your baby on her tummy and put a favorite colorful toy a few inches in front of her
  • When the toy catches her attention, press your palms against her feet in order to trigger the "walking reflex." (When baby's feet press against something solid, she instinctively stretches our her legs.)
  • Keep moving the toy and pushing against baby's feet until she's moved forward a couple inches. Almost there!
  • Don't forget to clap and cheer every time your baby moves forward. Before you know it, she'll be zooming around on her own.
*Give your baby a head start on crawling by helping her tone up at tummy time.

  • When your baby touches your head, have a toy or your hand pop out from behind your back
  • When she pulls on your finger, stick out your tongue and make a loud noise
  • Fill your cheeks with air. Then take baby's finger and use it to push in your cheeks while you roll backward with her in your arms
  • Once you've done each routine a few times, your baby will begin to expect what may happen next.
*This game can help teach your baby cause and effect and help with her mental development.

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