Monday, April 26, 2010

What to look for in a stroller

Buying a stroller can be very overwhelming. As I've found out, there are practically endless options. You can buy an umbrella stroller, a snap and go, a travel system, or a full featured stroller. What are all of these and what is best for you? This is the question that most moms-to-be face. Let's talk about what makes a stroller higher-quality and what the different types of strollers are.
Number 1: Ease of pushing. When buying a stroller, take in mind that you will have anywhere from a 7lb to a 35 lb (or more) kid sitting in the stroller! Also, you might have a diaper bag, purse, groceries, or any other number of things in the stroller as well. Therefore, a 15 lb stroller may now weigh 55 lbs with all that extra weight added in. So, you want to look for a stroller that pushes relatively easily. You should not buy a stroller before you try it out. Try out a friends stroller or find a store that will let you play with the stroller before buying it. One thing you should try is pushing it using only one hand. Many times you may be talking on the phone or carrying something, leaving only one hand free for pushing the stroller.

Number 2: Tires. The tires can make or break a stroller. This point is closely related to point one - bigger tires are easier to push. This is simple physics, so ask someone smart if you don't understand it. Air tires provide a bit more cushion for the child. They absorb a bit more impact. The downside is that you may have to deal with flat tires on occasion. There is another air tire called a "forever air tire" and this is an air tire surrounded by foam or rubber so that you have the same benefit of an air tire, but it should never go flat. Next comes foam and rubber. Some people have preferences about one of these over another. I have read that if you live in a cold climate, the foam tires can crack. Yet, I have also heard that foam has a bit more give than rubber, giving a smoother ride.
Number 3: Basket. The basket size is very important. Some baskets are large while others are small. Some are very easy to get to and put stuff in, but others are a little harder to reach. This is a personal issue - some people don't carry a whole lot of things with them, and don't need the space the basket takes up. Yet other people love a large basket since they plan on using the stroller to go grocery shopping or to the mall, or they just want to put all the babies items in the basket.

That's enough for today. Soon, I will be highlighting a few of the more popular strollers on the market.

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