Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have Baby, Will Travel!

Baby Friendly Airlines, Hotels, and Tips to Surviving the Family Vacation!

As summer approaches, thoughts may being surfacing as to which of your favorite vacation beaches you should visit and if you should tell the in-laws that you’ll be passing through on the way to your destination. But before you pack your bags and start breaking out the sunscreen, you might want to consider some baby (and family) friendly options that can help make traveling with the youngsters more accommodating.


Many airlines try to accommodate for the financial constraint of traveling with small children by offering free flights for children under 2 years old when seated in the lap of an adult, (only one child per adult.) These airlines include Southwest, United, American Airlines, Continental, and Delta…to name a few. Southwest, Midwest, and American Airlines also offer discounted seating up to 50% for children to encourage using proper safety restraints on board. Additionally, Southwest offers pre-boarding for families to ensure being seated together. Plan to arrive at the airport early to be able to take advantage of the early boarding.

Ticket prices aside, sometimes we just need a little space to change diaper! While not all airlines furnish the lavatories with a changing table, Jet Blue has one on every flight! Southwest, United, and American Airlines also have changing tables provided on only specific planes…so be sure to contact your airline to ensure that your flight will have one for your convenience.

Certain international flights provide bassinet cots upon request such as Continental and British Airways. Other airlines offer toddler and infant meals on most flights, including Continental and United Airlines. Keep in mind you will most likely have to request special meals and bassinets in advance to ensure that your flight will have those items on board for you.

Tips: Be sure to bring plenty of toys and books to keep your baby entertained. This may be a good opportunity to introduce a new toy, or re-introduce a toy that hasn’t been played with for awhile to ensure keeping babies attention longer. Airlines are also a fun time to introduce crayons and coloring book (when age appropriate). You can even pack light by choosing a coloring book that has an ongoing story line throughout the pages to read to your child later in the flight! Try nursing or bottle feeding on flight to help your child’s ears to pop and to avoid the mid-flight fussiness.

Bring a lightweight umbrella stroller or a baby carrier for transporting your baby. Carriers are extremely lightweight and compact, and are excellent ways to avoid the customs hold up when dealing with a stroller. However strollers can come in handy once you reach your destination. Safety Harnesses are also a great way to keep adventurous toddlers from wandering too far in a busy airport terminal. When traveling with a car seat, keep in mind some airlines have restrictions on brands and seat sizing so check with your airline before arriving at the airport. Additionally if you are planning on renting a car at your destination, many rental car companies have car seats available for rent as well.


If you plan on being out on the town and not in your hotel room as much during your vacation, it may not be worth it to invest in some of the extra amenities that can be offered. However if you are staying at a resort where your hotel is the vacation, it can be beneficial to look into the available accommodations to ensure an enjoyable vacation. Some hotels even offer baby safe rooms upon request that can include outlet covers and baby bedding which can help you to rest easy knowing that there is one less thing to worry about on your trip.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about lugging around all the extra baby gear, diapers, car seats, formula and wipes….well Loews and Wyndham Hotels know just what that could be like and have a Kids Closet space full of all the extra amenities and gears that you might need on your trip. However you should always call to confirm that your specific needs are able to be met before arriving at your destination. Select Four Seasons provide baby furnishings and bath products. Westin Hotels and Resorts provide goody bags for kids under 12, and a small amenity kit for children under 2 that includes a night light, rubber ducky, wipes, and socket covers.

While there are too many hotels to list, these were among the top rated for family friendly vacations. When traveling, you can always ask your hotel concierge what amenities are available for families with young children to ensure that you are able to make the most of your stay.

Currant Baby’s Favorite Travel Gear and Accessories

Inglesina Fast Chair –Lightweight portable high chair that attaches to most tables!

Little Life Safety Harness- Keep your little adventurer safe and close in uncharted territory!

Ergo Baby Carrier- Perfect for transporting your baby or toddler through busy airports!

Moby Wrap- Ideal for carrying infants

Supergoop Wipes- Sunscreen wipes for traveling and on the go!

Baby Legs Leg Warmers- Keep those precious limbs warm in-flight without the bulk of a jacket or sweater!

Cushie Traveler- Portable potty seat for training on the go!

Backpacks- enable toddlers to carry their own in-flight entertainment!

Travel Safely!


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